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Jesus Christ, Gizmodo

I already have not one, not two, but THREE of the best, most finnicky and invasive ad-blocking extensions running in my browser. It’s so bad I can’t post comments half the time and articles sometimes come up blank or only a headline and nothing else, or only picture and nothing else.

And yet, still, after ALL THAT, I still have to individually block the ads now appearing in between EVERY SINGLE ARTICLE on every page. 2 ads for every article. Literally over half your content is ads at this point.


Grow. The. Hell. Up. and have these things start making some sense. I’m not an infant. I know you need to have ads. What I don’t understand is why they have to make my reading experience endlessly frustrating!

Bullshit like this is one reason why I have such extensive ad-blocking.  I’d LOVE to support sites via ads.  Sometimes I wish I saw some relevant ones.  But having to wade through so damned much to try to find what I’m trying to read, over and over again, drives us to just shut them all off if we can, so you make NOTHING.  Is that how you want it?  Keep ramping up the ads like this and see what happens.

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